Entry #1


2016-01-16 08:08:47 by ZDgreen

I have an epiphany.

Ok honestly, I don't know how epiphanies work. So I'll just get to the point. Recently, I was in this conversation with my friends. It involved some privacy matters and well, professionalism.

So the conversation went kind of enlightening. We talk about how some people we know personally actually has private separate "personas" which they keep for posting all their nsfw stuff. Probably we can all see the logic in that. I however, have not yet followed this 'rule'. I've been doing some administrative work. Some arrangements here and there to my portfolio. and frankly speaking I don't really like separating my works into two separate medias. I want people interested in my work to know that I'm capable of such things. Though, looking into the ethical point of view, it's probably for the best.

Not long ago I posted an art with my first A rating. Then I shared it on facebook with my personal Facebook account.
Not a very good idea.

This led to changes in how people view me as a person. It's pretty embarrasing. At this stage its practically nothing. No assaults or anything. But I'm looking towards the future. I'm talking about people like future classmates, co-workers, in-laws, instructors, employers.
I'm not gonna stop creating content despite all that. I'll continue but with some changes.

ZDgreen is now for all NSFW.
All SFW content on ZDgreen will be removed.
SFW content will be posted separately outside of Newgrounds. (pm me if you want the link)

In other news, It's kinda disturbing to see people who look so innocent on the outside, happen to have shitloads of furry gay porn in their secret alter ego. Eh, then again..
My advice to all future adult content creators. Please, keep your real identity a secret! It's kinda for your own good. Unless of course, exhibitionist is your thing.


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